Discover The Truth BEFORE You Throw Anything Else Away...

Over the next few minutes I’m going to expose a huge lie you’ve been told and also reveal the one product in your house, you shouldn’t be throwing away…

...this simple item, you can find anywhere in the house, will help put money back in your pockets, organize the areas of your life that need it, and even contribute to saving the ocean in the process.

What am I talking about? 

Well, stay tuned and I’ll fill you in with every detail.

You see, it wasn’t so long ago, I was in a bind where I needed something I didn’t have.

I remember it like it was yesterday. 

It was a week before my mom’s birthday and I was scrambling for a gift. 

I had so many great ideas, but I wanted the one perfect gift that would fill her life with joy, day after day.

Which is why, after hours of research, I went with a greenhouse.

She has a green thumb, she needed a bigger place to store her plants and it’s heartfelt.

It took me a few days, but I finally found the right one for her.

Long story short, she absolutely LOVED it (while it lasted).

But then…

….her world turned around when she came outside to an upside down greenhouse.

It took only 2 weeks for the greenhouse to start breaking down.

A strong gust of wind, a fallen tree branch and it was a goner.

Not only did I waste my time and money, I felt terrible for giving my mom a faulty product.

I took my opinions straight to the seller and found out, the designs were defective from the beginning.

I was frustrated.

What was I going to do now to make it up to my mom? 

She absolutely adored the greenhouse as a gift.

Simply because she’s a person who’s so full of life, it helps her surround herself with nature and beauty.

Which is why I couldn’t give up on this idea altogether.

I was going to make her a greenhouse even if I had to build each wall by hand.

SoI went the extra mile and joined a class where they broke down each element of building a structure like a greenhouse or even a mailbox.

After some consideration, I took my crazy ideas to the teacher to see what we could come up with together.

Let’s just say, this was the best idea I’ve ever had! 

He gave me the exact dimensions to build the greenhouse and also sparked an idea to create it with an even cheaper, sturdier material.

Contrary to popular belief, I built the greenhouse out of plastic water bottles.

At first, I thought, this could NEVER work.

They’ll blow over in a heartbeat.

Well, man am I glad to say I was WRONG. 

And it was worth every ounce of effort I put into it just to see my mom’s smile again.

It was bigger, better and even more eco-friendly than the last one I gave her. 

The best part is, it was ten times cheaper than the less sturdier version. 

Funny I know.

But before we dive in head first, let’s clear something up…

What does it really mean to start reusing as much household items as possible?

Well, the very short answer is - trying to have an empty recycle bin each week.

I know this sounds counterproductive.

However, the environmental benefits of reusing household items are far outweigh the consequences of “recycle” plastic in our oceans…

Last yearn alone, 68,000 shipping containers worth of plastic recycling from American, was exported from the U.S. to poor, third-world countries.

This resulted in 187 countries signing a treaty giving nations the power to BLOCK the import of contaminated or hard to recycle trash.

Unfortunately, a few countries haven’t signed it.

And one of those being the U.S.

If America generates 34.5 m tons of plastic each year, we need to start contributing to the community by reusing and recycling as much as possible.

Some extra powerful benefits of recycling and reusing…

  • Helps prevent millions of tons of material from entering landfills saving space for garbage that cannot be repurposed - Landfills not only pollute the environment but also trashes the beauty of our cities with litter scattered everywhere
  • The pollutants released into the air/water, can be greatly reduced with an increase in “reusing”
  • Greatly reduces the amount of energy used daily by not needing to produce new materials
  • Conserves the Earth’s natural resources like raw materials, minerals, trees, etc.

Plus the economic benefits are…

  • Recycling programs cost the government, taxpayers, and business owners less money than waste programs
  • Studies show that by continuing to increase positive recycling & reusing habits, the United States can create over one million jobs annually
  • People can even make money by collecting approved materials to a nearby recycling facility that will pay for the product.

And it’s accomplished by reusing as much as possible.

Plus, recycling or composting what’s leftover.

In this video, we’ll go through:

  • The 10 household items you should NEVER throw away
  • The top 2 mistakes most people make when doing these types of projects & how to avoid them
  • The 5 specific elements every plan must include
  • What is the DIY Smart Plans and how can they help you?
  • What do you get out of this?
  • What 3 FREE Bonuses I’m throwing in just for you!

… let’s dive in!

I was addicted.

I went back to the teacher, Kyle, to discuss what else we can do with plastic.

Together, we had so many ideas, we had to compile them into a list to make sure we  remembered them all.

Once we had the list, we went through and create design plans for each one.

This means, anyone can pick it up and create their dream product just by reusing the plastic that’s already lying around the house.

I was able to make my son a new cell phone holder and my daughter a new ottoman for her room.

They were happily surprised to get them and my wallet didn’t take a beating to do it.

Man does it feel good to make others happy (without breaking the bank). 

In fact, I think plastic is one of the greatest inventions out there.

Unfortunately, it has a huge disadvantage… takes up to 500 years to decompose plastic, even in landfills.

Each and every year roughly 102.1 billion plastic bags are used by Americans.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by the year of 2050.

Which is why we need to reuse, repurpose, and extend the potential of each household item, especially plastic.

Now you might be thinking...

“That’s fine and good, but I’m not a creative person. So cutting, glueing and making sturdy projects is going to be really hard.”

In the beginning, I was no different from you. 

I didn’t know what tools to use, what materials work best or even where to get started.

One class turned my life around and I’m hoping this one presentation can do the same for you.

Now it’s your turn to take advantage of Kyle and our unique approach to plastic.

It’s like having an index you can reference at any time that gives you the freedom to build just about anything from plastic.

You can choose from 1,000’s of projects, like lamp shades, storage, ottoman, jewelry, flower pots, stunning wall decor, even a 3 tiered jewelry holder.

The best part is, you won’t need any expensive tool or a huge workshop to get the project done.

Before long, you’ll be a master at it too! 

You could even open up a stand at the state fair and sell your projects.

But that’s a different story altogether, more on that later.

Anyone can become a master craftsman with plastic, as long as they have the complete plan set to follow, with step-by-step instructors and visual designs to help them along the way.

I’ve used it to build thousands of dazzling projects quickly… at a fraction it normally cost.

The cool part is, you’re getting rid of the clutter and trash hanging around the house without adding an extra expense to your budget.

Plastic is cheaper, durable and it can be shaped into all sorts of things. 

In this guide, Kyle and I have put together, you’ll get over 500 well documented blueprints to build any type of  DIY project using plastic.

This allows anyone of any experience level to make stunning plastic projects quickly and effortlessly.

If you bear with me, I’ll be exposing every plan set and project idea at the end of this presentation! 

Don’t forget, I’ve spent the past 3 years building “plastic” projects and creating incredible art as well.


This was compiled by someone just like you, trying to save money and contribute to the environment in a healthy way.

I knew I wasn’t an expert at architecture, so I partnered with someone who has the skill and experience to back it up.

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you.

Because then it would be like every other D.I.Y. course out there…

... lacking the right dimensions and a HUGE waste of money.

Right now, it’s at your fingertips and you can access it almost instantly.

Yet before I reveal EVERYTHING, I feel I must warn you about the real problem you face today…

The real truth behind why DIY projects can be so confusing and frustrating at times.

And this may surprise you…

It’s completely not your fault!

You’ve been lied to for years…

The shocking truth is that most plans from DIY Magazines & Books are written by someone who’s never touched a plier in their life!

And many of those plans are complete garbage!

They skip over many important steps… and their diagrams are confusing, unclear or even wrong!

Most of them will leave you with more questions than answers…

You know how it goes:

You end up with a completed project that looks nothing like the pictures.

What’s tragic is, many people still believe they need years of extensive training to build such projects…

However, nothing could be further from the truth!

I can confidently say, countless of other passionate “DIY-ers” have fallen for this lie too…

Me being one of them! 

Falling for it means, wasting time and money on overpriced subscriptions, spending thousands of dollars and throwing away months of your life on boring training…

And what’s even worse, most people simply give up…

Which is why I’m here to make sure everything is simple and easy for you.

If you had everything you needed, it wouldn’t be confusing.

You can breeze through each step smoothly and efficiently, like a true master. 

No guesswork, confusion or headaches involved.

You’ll know exactly what materials to use, the exact dimensions and the exact steps you need to do at every stage.

With a complete plan, everything fits together perfectly.

Just like LEGO Blocks!

Which is another item, you shouldn’t be throwing away.

Plus, you can avoid wasting money on shoddy gifts.

Everyone knows a handmade gift is more sentimental and heartfelt than a bought gift anyways.

Here are 10 household items you should NEVER throw away: 

  1. Plastic Water Bottles
  2. Plastic Fruit Containers
  3. Lego Blocks
  4. Plastic Straws
  5. Corks
  6. Plastic Shopping Bags
  7. Plastic Soap Containers
  8. Plastic Binder Clips
  9. Plastic Squeeze Bottles
  10. And Soda Cans

The best part is you… don’t need any fancy tools or a giant shop to build most of these projects.

All you need is a full set of basic tools which I will tell you more about in a few minutes.

Now that you know the challenges that come with doing it yourself and the lies you’ve been told along the way, let’s dive into the specific projects and tips I have for you right now…

These are the exact tips that hundreds of passionate DIY-ers, including myself, have used to build 1000’s of breathtaking projects.

Keep watching to get the full scoop.

Let’s start with the top 2 mistakes most people make when doing these types of projects and how to avoid them right away:

Mistake #1: NOT planning ahead

Not planning ahead, leads to 3 or 4 trips to your local store because you didn’t spend the time to write down all the right tools and materials, the first time.

The best way to avoid wasting time and money with this mistake… to carry the complete materials and cutting list with you to the store.

It is like grocery shopping for a Thanksgiving feast, without actually having a grocery list!

You definitely want to avoid that chaos.

Mistake #2: Rushing the project

If you do, you are going to end up with failed projects and countless hours wasted away

So here’s what you can do to avoid this…

“Measure twice, cut or model once”

Incorrect measuring might mean you have to do everything all over again.

And don’t forget that if you cut a piece too short you’ve ruined it forever.

No pressure though. Just be relentless with your measuring.

Imagine starting a project and completing it hours before you expected to finish.

When everything is in place and planned out, you can complete the project in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

What does it take to prepare for a project like a boss?

Well, when you have a principle to follow, you can feel confident in your preparation skills to set up any project you want to do.

I follow a principle a 5 Step Principle myself, it’s something you can use, as well.

If you use a plan that doesn’t include these 5 elements, you could possibly lose a ton of  hard-earned money, waste hours of precious time and be miserable in the end.

Here are the 5 crucial elements every plan must include:

  1. A complete material, cut and tools list

It must provide the amount of plastic material needed, the cutting dimensions…

As well as every tool and item needed to build the project

  1. Detailed, “Hold you by your hand” instructions…

That guide you from start to finish so you’ll never be left guessing on what to do next

  1. Diagrams of each step

Including the finished project and detailed views so no detail is left out

  1. High quality photos or videos

These are important visual elements that walk you through a project step-by- step

  1. Time and difficulty level

By knowing how much time a project will take to complete as well as the difficulty level, you can evaluate if the project is suited to your needs and skill

Having these 5 elements in place before diving in is like, having a master craftsman by your side, guiding you through the entire project!

The cool part is, I’m going to give you access to a top-secret archive at the very end of this presentation.

So, don’t miss a second of it and bear with me a little longer.

I’m going to reveal how you can build the project you desire without doing the hardest part of the work yourself...

Why start from scratch and try to reinvent the wheel when I’ve made the exact, step-by-step blueprint for almost any project you can think of…

Plans that have been used to build hundreds of dazzling projects easily, without fancy skills or high dollar tools.

It’s called the DIY Smart Plans!

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only.

And it’s the only resource you’ll find out there, with over 500 step-by-step “Done-for-You” plan sets that allow you the freedom to build anything out of plastic.

Together we can rid the world of plastic waste by reusing and repurposing everything we get our hands on.

Unexpected parties are not a problem. You can create a stunning gift, get dressed and still be on time for the party.

Need something to keep pests out of your garden?

No biggie. We have a plan set for that too. 

Have pets and need a poop scoop?

Been there. Done that. And we have the plans to prove it. 

And now, starting today, you’ll have access to the entire collection of plans. 

All projects are now yours to replicate!

With plastic, you’ll be able to get the results you’re looking for even faster!

And with the DIY Smart Plans, you can do it without stressing about the right dimensions for long-term success.

What do you get with the DIY Smart Plans?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that it’s flooded with over 500 “Done for You” plan sets you can use at any time.

From small crafts to large outdoor projects (like a raised flower bed or even a small boat) and everything in between.

And the best part is, using our 5 Element Principle, each plan includes...detailed dimensions for each project, an exact material list, what tools you’ll need to use and even our side “construction” notes to ensure you stay on track.

No more wasting money on the wrong amounts. 

No more wasted trips to the store. 

And absolutely no more wasting money on the WRONG materials.

We both know, quality is important.

If you have the wrong material in the foundation of your project, then it will screw up the entire stability.

Instead of lasting months to years, it would last only days to weeks before breaking down.

This is the key to avoiding those messes altogether. 

Remember, nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort…

But my plans makes craftsmanship as easy as can be.

Andy says:

James, I just want to thank you for making my passion for building stuff with my hands come back to life. The amount of plans here is simply astounding. It’s going to keep me occupied for many years.


Peter says:


Hi James, I’m sending you a testimonial to thank you. These plans will set a new standard in the field. I’ve bought many DIY plans in the past and this collection is clearly the best there is on the market in every aspect.


The DIY Smart Plans Has Step-By-Step Blueprints…

And delivers easy-to-follow instructions to help you complete projects in a fraction of the time!

It makes building projects super-fast, easy and fun!

What makes it so easy?

You’ll get detailed colorful photos, diagrams and thorough views which make the most challenging project a walk in the park…

This way you can actually SEE the details of every angle, every corner and every joint.

When details are this clear, your project practically builds itself!

It’s almost like magic and all the pieces just “Click” into place.

And even better, there’s hundreds of plans that cover all skill levels

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an amateur with hand tools or a seasoned pro, you’ll find hundreds of projects that will suit your level.

So you can “grow” in skill with these projects, from newbie to master and any level in between.

With over 500 plans, you’ll find a plan for every project you desire.

And here’s the best part:

You’ll get lifetime access once you download the plans, permanently.

DIY Smart Plans is, by far the largest and most comprehensive collection of plastic plans in the world!

And it’ll change your DIY experience forever!

With the depth and quality of these plans, you can build anything you could ever imagine - easily, quickly and inexpensively….

So easy, you’ll be thinking - “why didn’t I start this sooner?”

These plans have helped 1,000’s of passionate folks just like you, build the project they’ve always wanted without spending too much and wasting too much time.

In fact, many happy customers, despite having limited experience have sent us stunning photos of their completed projects.

Plus you’ll get unique plans to hundreds of small crafts you can build in 1 day or less!

Now you may believe a plan set that is this comprehensive would cost a pretty penny…

Normally, the price for the DIY Smart Plans alone is $197.

Yet you’re not just receiving the DIY Smart Plans package alone…

Today, just for watching this entire video, I’d like to give you these value-add bonuses for no extra cost, to help you with your projects.

BONUS #1: Complete Manufacturing Tools List - Every DIY-er uses to build amazing projects.

With this, you can avoid confusion when it comes to deciding the right tool for the job.

It’s normally valued at $47 by itself.

It’s yours today for no extra cost!

BONUS #2:  Over 100 Premium DIY - Craftsmanship Video Lessons

An extensive collection of detailed video tutorials and learn techniques that professionals use in their very own workshops.

It goes the extra mile and delivers you a visual break down, presented in clear and easy steps.

Normally, sold separately for $77.

But Today, it’s yours at no extra cost.

BONUS #3: “DIY Home improvements”  Book - Valued at $27.

A step-by-step guide to improving the quality of living - you’ll be surprised about how a small tweak can make such a drastic difference.

You’ll be amazed at what you can create with a little imagination and the right plan set.

Now you can see why the DIY Smart Plans package is valued at $197…

Even without the bonuses at $197, this would be a steal-of-a-deal…

And if you bought the bonuses by themselves, you’re investment would be over $150 alone!

But it’s NOT going to be $348.

Not even half that price!

At $97 it would still be a golden deal.

However, just for watching this video, I have a much better deal for you…

You’re going to get the entire DIY Smart Plans package for just $39.69

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If you act right now and on this page only, I'll let you have full unrestricted access to the plans plus unadvertised bonuses for only $1.

Go through everything tonight or tomorrow morning and make absolutely sure that this solution is for you. If you love what you read (and I know you will!), do nothing and you'll be billed for the remaining $38.69 in three days from now

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The product is digital and the images are for visualization only.

Because this ‘magic pill’ has already done the hard work while you get to enjoy building the craft and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when you share the art.

Doesn’t that sound nice? 

So before this video disappears forever click the button below to get started on renovating your plastic household items and your gifts in the near future with plan sets that are out of this world!

There’s only 3 options you can do right now…

Option 1: You could go back to doing what you are doing now, search pinterest for hours, pinpoint the project you want to create and go at it all by yourself

And if you’re lucky, there won’t be any hidden fees or challenges along the way.

It’s fine if you want to take the harder road.

Where the trash will drown out the beauty and you’ll be sitting in your chair pondering how you can stretch a few dollars to make 5 birthday gifts.

Some people do. Then again, most people give up.

Option 2: You could take what you learned from this video and try it out yourself, where you will do great for the first week or 2 building new projects, then the unexpected challenges will drag you down and move your projects to the back burner for good.


The most popular option which is…

Option 3: You could determine right this second that you are serious and determined to get your house in order, gifts on standby and save more money along the way.

Take the next step by clicking the link below and I’ll hand over the hard work right now.

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Here’s what more satisfied customers have to say:


This is any craftsman’s dream… it was like having a master craftsman standing over my shoulder, guiding me every step of the way. I built my son his first small playground over the weekend and the next thing you know, I’ve got 10 kids in my backyard!


The plans are super easy to read and understand, unlike several others I looked online. I can’t wait to get started building some of the pieces and I have some projects picked out to start as soon as I collect the plastic I need.


Hey James, I just want to thank you for this excellent resource. It rekindled my passion for DIY projects and I can’t thank you enough. The range of projects and the quality of your plans makes this package a real bargain!


The most important thing we value here is your happiness and the health of the environment.

That’s why we do what no one else in the online DIY industry does - we offer you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on your DIY Smart Plans.  

It’s very simple and straightforward, here’s how it works:

If within 60 days you notice that...

  • You can’t find the plan you are looking for
  • You don’t complete your projects easier and faster than before
  • Or even if you don’t like the font I use in the plans

It doesn’t matter!

Simply send me an email back for a full refund of your money.

No questions asked.  No hard feelings.

These issues rarely ever happen but when they do, we take care of our customers promptly and with respect.

No one wants to have a “craft project” go bad… especially all of us here at BUSINESS NAME.

And that’s why we’ll bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy.

You can feel safe ordering, knowing that if you’re ever unhappy, we’ll take care of you... we’ve always got your back.

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Remember, by using my plans, you would be completing projects, easier, quicker and at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

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Just do not put this off one second longer…

In order to keep him anonymous, the author used a pen name: James Miller


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